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Technologies Review | October 18, 2018

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Monthly Archives: November 2012

How to Get Cash for Nintendo

November 7, 2012 |

Remember Nintendo?  Do you remember getting your first Nintendo DS?  It was an exciting and proud moment.  We wanted to show all of our friends our new toy.  We have had hours of enjoyment playing with it.  With that new game we have many memories of times with family and friends that we will never forget.

But as time marched on, new things came along and now your game sits in the back of a drawer or in a box collecting dust while you play with something new.  If that has happened, it is now time to look at the option of selling your old game and getting cash for your Nintendo DS.

Selling old things can be a hassle however, especially if the items you want to sell are not in use anymore.  Our homes are all filled with old gadgets that we have either replaced, or have been placed on a back burner … Read More

How Parents Influence Their Children’s Use of Technology

November 5, 2012 |

There is no doubt about the impact technology has on our lives. With the birth of the internet and the proliferation of smartphones, tablets and pocket sized computers this technology is now inescapable. What is new and awe-inspiring to us as adults is just as new to a child or toddler as a banana or jigsaw. The question then is; as parents, how can we influence the use of technology for our children and what, if any, limitations should this include? Many parents are immersed in technology and forever playing on their smartphone or laptop, won’t even consider the ramifications that this technology will have on their children’s development. Not to mention that children have a tendency to imitate the behaviour of their parents; monkey see monkey do. Could this all be leading to teen-tech-addicts? What can we do as parents to prevent this?

As parents we can’t raise our children in caves or keep … Read More