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Technologies Review | February 21, 2019

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Monthly Archives: August 2012

The Best Finance Apps for Small Business

August 18, 2012 |

If you run a small business, you know how time consuming it can be to manage all of your finances. From recording bank transactions to tracking receipts and managing credit card transactions, there are a myriad of tasks that a business owner has to undertake on a regular basis. Fortunately, a business owner can use a sales app, financial app, or business app that can make your business financial operations simple.

Quickbooks Mobile

The most commonly used accounting software for small business is now available in mobile form. Now you can manage your accounts payable, bank transactions and accounts receivable across all of your accounts. Perform these transactions on the go with easy to use apps that put your finances at your fingertips. With Quickbooks mobile, you don’t have to worry about whether your accounts are in order. With this simple download, you have everything in the palm of your hand.


Invoicing has never … Read More

Removing Features from Your Windows 7 Tablet

August 17, 2012 |

A recent addition to the Windows 7 operating system is the ability to integrate a pen-like feature into your Toshiba PC experience. This allows the user to utilize hand-writing technology, increase input options and maximize the Windows Touch experience. While it is an innovative feature with many uses, occasionally you might find it is needed to disable the tablet functions completely or partially. This could be due to your preference or due to a malfunction of the features. Following the simple steps outlined below will get you started and give you more control over your PC experience.

Disabling All Windows Tablet Functions

To delete the Windows 7 Tablet touch feature, first access the “Start” button and select the “Control Panel.” The next step is to select “Programs and Features” which should lead to an option titled “Turn Windows features o or off.” When in this window search for a folder with the title “Tablet … Read More

SkyGeek Offers Best Quality Pilot Radios

August 15, 2012 |

Flying an airplane takes more than just expert pilot skills. Communication is the key to safe travel when you fly an airplane, and it requires the proper tools to transmit information to other pilots as well as control towers and other people on the ground. In other cases, you may need to safely communicate with other people on the same plane.

Although it may seem easy to set up a communications radio in your plane, there are actually quite a few components involved. First, you need the actual radio component to transmit communication to and from the airplane. Quality matters, as you don’t want to fly around with a busted radio in case you have an emergency.

Transceivers are necessary to get communication to and from the plane. SkyGeek offers quality versions, some of which may even be operated by remote control to decrease distractions while flying. A quality transceiver is also one that offers … Read More

How To Insulate Your Attic Using Today’s Technology

August 15, 2012 |

These days technology has progressed rapidly in all areas of all industries, and one industry that has benefited is the energy saving industry which also is a money saving industry for you!

One company has taken that to another level and helped to provide its customers with the best they can offers, Happy Attics, based in Houston (Just type into Google – Attic Insulation Houston Texas and you will see the local result) are the company in question.

Using infrared technology they can help identify which areas of your attic are at most risk to condensation and escaping heat/cold air. Then implementing Attic Breeze fans, and blown insulation to get the job done.

At the moment they are charging .99 cents per square feet, blown to R-50 which is the ideal thickness in their opinion. The standard code in the Texas area is R-38 at the moment, … Read More

Blogwell Conferences: Building your Internet Presence

August 13, 2012 |

With more and more people turning readily to the Internet for everything from searching for the perfect dog food brand to reading the daily news, having a strong Web presence is increasingly instrumental to a company’s success. At the Blogwell sponsored conferences held throughout the year in Chicago, those seeking to harness the power of the Internet can learn from the successes of others. At each conference, several case studies are explored, each outlining how the featured business has taken advantage of social media as a way to boost their brands. If you are a business owner trying to figure out what to do in Chicago, look no further than this potentially beneficial conference network.

Ready to Apply Solutions

The case studies presented at Blogwell events aren’t intended to provide a broad and hypothetical picture. Instead they’re highly detailed and provide actionable solutions business owners can apply immediately. The ready applicability of the ideas presented … Read More

5 Ways to fight internet Overload

August 10, 2012 |

Whether wirelessly, or plugging in through ethernet, The internet provides a huge amount of choice. Making sense of it all can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Here are 5 ways to take back control

1-      Predict the Weather

When it comes to predicting the weather, you can’t do much better than It claims to produce beautiful weather charts and it does just that. Enter your postcode into the central box and hit [Enter]. After a second or two it’ll present you with a map showing temperatures and, at the right of the screen, a scrollable forecast showing the likelihood of rain. Click in the bottom right to advance through the week. Look in the top right of the screen and you’ll see and Graphs. If you click on the latter you’ll be able to layer extra information onto the site’s main interface. The Temperature options that appear in the drop-down are particularly … Read More

New Best Free Softwares for PC

August 9, 2012 |

Here’s the list of 4 new great free softwares for PC.

Advanced SystemCare 6 Beta 1 Although it’s an early beta, the latest version of 10bit’s system-tweaking tool is very stable and offers various improvements and useful new features. The new interface can be run in either Simplified or Expert mode. In Simplified, you just select the options you went from the list, hit the Scan button and the program will get to work. Modules on offer include Malware Removal, Registry Fix, Privacy Sweep, Junk Files Clean, Internet Boost and Shortcuts Fix (all of which are enebled by default), as well as Registry Defrag, System Optimization, Security Defence and more. Each module will run in turn and the program automatically fixes any errors it encounters. The Expert mode contains the same modules (and has them all selected by default), but also adds a collection of clean, repair and optimise tools, including an uninstaller, a file … Read More

How to Choose a Web Design for eCommerce Websites

August 7, 2012 |

eCommerce is the process of buying selling, marketing and distributing of the products by the use of electronic systems, such as the internet.  If you are trying to promote your business through eCommerce then you probably know how important an effective website is.

In my opinion, the design of eCommerce websites is similar to the general design web designers.  Both designs need to be simple and should have the right combination of colours, layout, graphics and the navigation systems should be easy to use.  The navigation system is the most important factor in an eCommerce website.

You should always hire a web designer that has the capability to create a web design that will allow clients to access any products or web pages with three clicks of the mouse or less from the homepage. If an eCommerce website have a very poor navigation system and gives a hard time for clients to find the products … Read More

Are You Dialed-in to the iPhone5?

August 7, 2012 |

If you are not into technology in 2012, you are likely a step or two behind the crowd.

Whether it is starting your own website through an online vehicle such as to staying connected to the latest in phone offerings, technology plays a large part in just about all our lives.

Whenever a new technology product is about to hit the stores, the fever pitch of publicity gets turned up a notch or two.

That certainly has been the case for a while now, as consumers await the new iPhone5, reportedly due out in early September.

Reports indicate that iLab, an iPhone repair shop in Japan recently got its hands on images of the iPhone 5. The shop’s leaked iPhone 5 pictures and video provide the public with a look at the reported two-tone metal case, bigger screen, smaller dock connector, new speaker grill, and housing.

One business publication has already gone on record … Read More

3 Things to Consider when Creating Ads to Be Posted on Facebook

August 6, 2012 |

Due to the competition on the market, business owners are trying to do their best to stay ahead of competition. They do this by hiring sales agents, paying for advertisements on television or newspapers, but the most effective of all is through posting ads on the internet. One of the most popular sites today where ads can be posted is Facebook.

As far as I know, Facebook currently has more or less 500 million users which makes it an ideal site for advertising your products and services. By posting advertisements that can catch the attention of the users and is suitable for the products and services you are offering, you will have a chance to boost sales which is the main factor in business growth.

Posting Ads Effectively on Facebook

  1. 1.      Design: The primary goal of posting ads on Facebook is to arouse the interest of the clients and to boost your fan base. … Read More

Cell Phone Accessories can be purchased According to your Needs

August 6, 2012 |

There are a number of branded cell phones, which are growing in the market. Since cell phone usage has been increased, people have started to focus on its features as well. Everyone can afford a phone these days because it comes in all ranges from cheap to expensive. There are many cell phone accessories which are related to a phone and are also easy to buy.

A cell phone can be used for many purposes; you can use the phone to talk to someone, or even play games in it. Some phones have internet connections in them, so that you can use it on your convenience. It allows you to listen to the radio and take pictures from some of the phones which have cameras built in them. All the different phones such as Nokia, Samsung, Motorola etc. have different accessories because they are of various brands.

Cell phone accessories consist of batteries, … Read More

Types Of Online Internet Casino Games

August 6, 2012 |

The internet has become very popular today and games such as those normally played in physical casinos are nowadays readily available on the web. The only requirement for someone to participate is stable internet connection and a PC, things that are gradually becoming a part of everyday living. To gain entry into an top rated online casino requires one to register with the site so that they will be recognized as players who are available to compete. Playing casino games is today a matter of click and win and sometimes this is purely a matter of luck. There are two types of games available on the internet for casino games lovers.


Web based online internet casino games allow players to play games live from the game sites without need to download any software or install any applications on their computers. Users interested in playing these type of games need only to have a PC … Read More

Three Chicago Conferences to Maximize Your Marketing Success in 2012

August 1, 2012 |

The economy hasn’t been ideal for any industry this past year, and marketing in particular has taken a huge hit that has put many strategists into crunch mode to perfect their approaches and surpass their increasingly competitive peers.

Fortunately, there are a growing number of conferences in the U.S. to help professionals increase their knowledge and sharpen their skills to keep up with technological growth and new marketing opportunities. Chicago is a popular choice for many upcoming events, which means that professionals wondering what to do in Chicago can begin enhancing their careers in just a few short days. Professionals looking to attend some of the most rewarding conferences planned this year should consider the following.

1. Cloud Connect Chicago Conference

Cloud Connect has experienced tremendous growth in the Silicon Valley, but this year they’re heading east to offer inspiration to professionals beyond the coast. When you take advantage of this year’s Cloud Connect Chicago … Read More