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Technologies Review | October 18, 2019

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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Low Cost Airlines that offer Mobile Phone Apps

March 30, 2012 |

For better or worse, this is the age of mobile computing – and even low cost airlines know that. Even though these companies usually operate around a “no-frills” motto, some of them have not failed to realize the importance of connecting with their customers through the new channels.

And even though there’s notably an absence of mobile-ready websites from most European low cost airline guides, not all is lost. There are a few low cost airlines that already availed free mobile phone apps, that make it so much easier and pleasurable to interact with them.

In case you’re not familiar with it, this article will run you through the best official lost cost flight apps that you should probably download to your smartphone or tablet.

EasyJet Mobile App

This is simply one of the best mobile apps released officially by an European low cost airline. Not because it’s so amazing by its own … Read More

Three Possible Risks of Mobile Phone Use

March 30, 2012 |

A lot of people are now using phones all over the world. Moreover, a lot more younger people are using them at a very young age. There have been a lot of studies that show that there are three possible risks when it comes to excessive use of mobile phones.

Decreased Levels of Male Fertility In 2007, the Cleveland Clinic has conducted a research and published it in Fertility and Sterility journal. The research included 32 men who gave sperm samples for the study. The sperm samples were then placed an inch away from a mobile in talk mode. Upon evaluation, the test group had increased levels of harmful free radicals and lower levels of antioxidants compared to the other samples that were not exposed to the mobile phone. This has sparked an interest in mobile usage decreasing the fertility level of males.

Increase Risk for Cancer There has … Read More

Benefits of Playing Bingo with Online Casinos

March 28, 2012 |

With the ever expanding dimensions of new age technology and the ever growing realms of the world wide web, you are now able to indulge in your love for playing games and gambling from almost anywhere in the world, all  you really need to have is a working internet connection and computer. There are a wide selection of different online casinos and sites which offer you a virtual casino experience where you can play a huge variety of different games using the latest gaming software to create a realistic and exciting casino experience right from your own home.

As well as the obvious logistical and geographical benefits of not having to travel to a local bingo hall or casino, there are many advantages to be gained from playing in online casinos. You are not held back by physical restrictions of having to live in an accessible area or get dressed up to travel … Read More

Direct TV….. An Alternative to the Regular Cable Television.

March 28, 2012 |

Are you fed up with the rising costs of cable TV? What if there was a way you could watch all of the best channels that you have always wished to, like the premium movie channels, sports programs, your favorite international television shows that are rarely broadcasted on regular cable network and would never have to pay another monthly cable bill for these services? Can you think of these at your disposal so easily without any worries or hassles? Yes, this is not a distant dream with the entry of direct TV in the arena. You can feel yourself to be fortunate enough by entering into this digital world of direct TV.

Direct TV has become so popular nowadays that people all around the world are abandoning cable and regular Satellite services. The major reason is that direct TV does not involve the strenuous routine of paying monthly bills. In this harsh economic time, it is very … Read More

Top 5 Most Useful Cloud-Based Apps for College Students

March 27, 2012 |

For busy students, not having the right file on hand can be a major setback when working away from home. You may try to have your flash drive with you at all times, but what about the times that you forget to save an important document on the drive or forget to bring it with you at all? Cloud-based apps are designed especially for situations like these, so you can have all of your important documents fully accessible, whether you’re working from your home computer, laptop, tablet, or even your smartphone.

For students enrolled in technology degree programs, understanding and gaining personal experience with cloud-based apps can not only improve your convenience and organization for your classes, but can help you become more familiar with the technology you will likely encounter in a future career.

The following list compiles the top five cloud-based apps for fostering student learning and performance.

1. Gmail

There’s a good … Read More

Designing Elements That Need Special Attention From Website Designers

March 27, 2012 |

Web designing is fast transforming into a world of its own, hosting different elements that add color, character, and life to a website, so that it can serve to communicate with its targeted audience in the most effective manner. That is why becoming a successful web designer no more remains a child’s play, and asks quite a lot from any contender who wants to do so.

To become a high profile web designer, one has to make sure to adhere to some fundamental elements of web design, which should be incorporated to make every website design project a success. This article discusses some major of them in the lines below:


“Line” can be regarded as the simplest element being used in a web design. In fact, many web designing pros define line as a form having a specific length and width, but lacking … Read More

Apple Software to Streamline Education

March 21, 2012 |

You’re working, going to school and taking care of your family, and it’s exhausting! When you decided to continue your education, you knew it would be tough, but you didn’t expect it to be this confusing. One of your biggest reasons for choosing an online learningprogram was to keep it simple, but you’re having trouble keeping everything straight day after hectic day. Don’t get overwhelmed. You may just need a bit of help to be more capable in school and to help you stay organized. That’s where technology can help. New software programs from Apple for the iMac and iPad are designed to help you keep your life clear and efficient.

Apple iMac and iPad

Apple is known for making innovative products that you can use without having extensive knowledge of technology. The original Macintosh personal computer was a simple-to-use, revolutionary addition to people’s homes. The desktop iMac has come a long way. It is … Read More

Things to Know about Best Buy Promotions and Coupons

March 21, 2012 |

Nowadays we are being bound to live a speedy life to be a part of the faster moving world. However, due to the advancement of technology, and especially due to the invention of a few hi-tech tools it has been quite easy to grab the pace. Everyday almost thousand of latest inventions hit the market that promise to better the way of leading life. Well, these equipments are not gift items and we all need to pay a considerable amount to obtain those useful tools. Here it needs mentioning that if you can opt for Best Buy promotions and coupons you can purchase even an expensive electronic item without any major hiccups.

To be honest, not all of us have that financial freedom to purchase these tools as soon as they come to the market. Most of us wait long for the price to down and by then another product already comes in, but … Read More

Revolutionary Retina Display Gives iPad 3 a Distinct Look

March 20, 2012 |

With lines wrapped around the block around the world last week with folks waiting for Apple to release the third generation of iPad, tech cynics were already primed to pounce on the new tablet’s seeming lack of newness. There’s still no USB port, the device is actually thicker and heavier than past models, and the battery life is only a small improvement over the iPad 2. All in all, there are plenty of folks out there right now wondering what makes this iPad deserve a whole new generation designation.

The answer is this: Retina display.

At first, it sounds like nothing more than your typical sales gimmick. Indeed, “retina display” comes across as ambiguous marketing speech far removed from Apple’s elegant website copy. But when you get a look at the specs behind the sales pitch and see the new display for yourself, you realize Apple’s large talk isn’t without a product to back … Read More

Inclusion of Social Media Signals in Search Engine Algorithm As A Determinant of Website Ranking

March 19, 2012 |

Search engines are getting smarter day after day. There was a time when a new entrant by learning a few tricks could easily trick the search engines and attain higher ranking in search results. However, now the search engines have become smarter and incorporate different strategies to evaluate ranking of a website, Social Signals is one of them.

The big search engines like Google and Bing are working tirelessly to improve the user experience, by setting higher standards for internet marketing. The introduction of social media signals is one of the new strategies adopted by search engines in their algorithm.

Need For Social Media:

The main reason of inclusion of social graph as an indicator in search engine rankings is the misuse and non-authenticity of the links. Previously search engines would rely on links as a factor of determining the ranking of a website, … Read More

Companies Turning to RFID in Logistics

March 17, 2012 |

In logistics time is money. With so many trucks on the road, so many companies utilizing the roadways for delivery, they are turning to technology to assist in on-time delivery and a reduction in spoiled produce. This technology isn’t new, however it has been adapted to meet the needs of logistics. RFID scanners are offering companies more options now than in the past. With an increase in population, drivers, and customers, companies are utilizing this popular technology to cut down travel time.


A New Use for RFID:

In the past RFID was used primarily in credit cards and RFID chips to identify a person or product. The new use is allowing companies to scan their products in conjunction with GPS and GMS to assure the best routes, truck temperatures, and tracking. This is also allowing companies to reduce lost product by tracking each palette via satellite. Though the technology isn’t new, it is however … Read More

Top 5 iPad Apps For Office Work

March 17, 2012 |

There are thousands of remarkable apps available for download and install in apple app store. In this post we are going to review top ipad apps that are perfect for the small business, home office worker and entrepreneurs.


NoWait seeks to replace the venerable pager in your non-reservation restaurant by giving you something that the pager can’t: the chance to communicate with your guests while they wait to be seated.

The service texts guests with their wait times and customizable messages. It also develops text and email marketing lists, based on info you receive from your waiting guests. You can use the app to manage your wait list and contact guests when their tables are ready. NoWait also syncs your devices so you can manage the wait list from anywhere. Contact NoWait for usage-dependent pricing.


MeetingResult ($9.99) is designed to boost the value of your company’s meetings. The app uses a custom methodology … Read More

Top 8 Security Softwares to Protect your Laptop and PC

March 17, 2012 |

Here is the short review of top 8 security softwares to protect your PC or notebook from viruses, spywares and malicious softwares.

Symantec Norton Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition

The Small Business Edition of Symantec’s Endpoint Protection consolidates antivirus, antispyware, firewall, and intrusion prevention into a single suite that’s sold on a per user basis, so it can be easily scaled to the number of employees in your office. You can also centrally manage the security suite so you can control the security for all computers and servers.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2012

Internet Security 2012 features Kaspersky’s Hybrid Protection, which mixes traditional antivirus protection on your PC with cloud-based, real-time threat defense to keep you safe from today’s ever-evolving threats. Kaspersky’s Safe Run technology lets users open suspicious applications, files, or emails without allowing malware to reach your PC. A two-way firewall helps prevent hackers from getting into your systems.

McAfee Internet Security 2012

Read More