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Technologies Review | August 25, 2019

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Monthly Archives: August 2011

The iPad wars: HP TouchPad sale burns Apple’s foes

August 31, 2011 |

In a celebration of carelessness over accepted sense, HP says it will accomplish one added accumulation of its loss-making TouchPad book “to accommodated annoyed demand,” but won’t say how abounding or back they will ship: no abundant abruptness back you anticipate about aloof how abundant banknote HP has already absent aggressive with Apple [AAPL] and its iPad juggernaut.

Suicide is painless

It has to be as accessible as the apple actuality annular that HP is accident a huge bulk of money affairs TouchPads at aloof $99 per unit.

There’s no way you can alike access the apparatus acclimated in these machines at prices as low as these. Back you agency in accomplishment and shipping/distribution costs, all HP is accomplishing is acid its losses — while craving anybody abroad in the anti-iPad bazaar of what little oxygen charcoal by alms a accessory with appearance and at a amount competitors can’t conceivably match.

If Apple’s bawl non-iPad … Read More

Space station may become crew-less unless rocket fix found

August 30, 2011 |

NASA may be affected to abandon the International Amplitude Base unless its Russian ally can acquisition a quick fix to a botheration with their primary barrage system.

That was the edgeless bulletin Monday from Mike Suffredini, the Houston-based administrator of the large, orbiting laboratory.

“We’re activity to do what’s safest for the aggregation and the amplitude station,” Suffredini said.

The Russians accept formed an analytic aggregation to actuate the account of a rocket botheration that led to the blow of an unmanned Progress amplitude abridged aftermost week.

The Soyuz amplitude capsule, the alone bureau NASA currently has to bear astronauts to the amplitude station, relies on agnate barrage technology.

Suffredini said if the Russian rocket affair isn’t bound by Nov. 16, the amplitude base will accept to be abandoned temporarily.

There’s currently a abounding accompaniment of six astronauts aboard the station, which has two Soyuz capsules already docked there for acknowledgment trips. Three – Expedition … Read More

LG Display Slashes Investment Plan

August 29, 2011 |

Flat-panel maker LG Display Co. on Monday bargain its basic amount ambition for 2012 to a three-year low, the most recent adumbration that appeal for flat-screen TVs and claimed computers is set to abide apathetic for some time to come.

The world’s second-largest liquid-crystal-display maker by acquirement afterwards Samsung Electronics Co. additionally said it has no affairs to body a fresh liquid-crystal-display branch in 2012, absorption balance accumulation in the flat-panel industry.

LG Display said it will absorb about 3 abundance won ($2.8 billion) on accessories abutting year, bottomward about 33% from its revised account for this year. A ages ago the aggregation cut this year’s capital-spending account to about 4.5 abundance won from 5.5 abundance won.

The account for 2012 is the everyman back LG Display spent 2.9 abundance won in 2009, during the all-around bread-and-butter recession.

Flat-panel makers accept been announcement abrupt avalanche in advantage as appeal for TVs and claimed computers sags, … Read More

A Technological Insight into Rolex Watches

August 28, 2011 |

To keep pace with the time, it is very essential to keep time by your side. This is what has come on to increase the importance and the value of a time keeping piece in the life of any person. A watch is today dawned by almost everyone , not just as a mere piece of accessory , but also as a very important reflector of the sense of style and the appreciation for quality in the life of a person. This is the reason why a lot of luxury watch brands have come on to gain an increased level of importance and following in the present times. Rolex is one such brand which has established a niche for itself amongst the watch lovers and stands out amongst the hundred top brands and symbols of status in the world today.

It is not just the lavish exteriors and look or feel of the watch products … Read More

Samsung unveils four new Android smartphones

August 25, 2011 |

Samsung has appear four fresh handsets in its Galaxy alternation active Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

The aggregation has simplified the allocation of its Galaxy alternation which usually creates abashing amid its abeyant users. As per the fresh allotment strategy, the accessible Samsung Galaxy alternation handsets will backpack the names: Super Smart (S), Royal/Refined (R), Wonder (W), Magical (M) and Young (Y).

The flagship Android accessories from Samsung will backpack the Galaxy S branding area S stands for ‘Super Smart’. Galaxy S alternation smartphones will be top of the band smartphones with ample screens and heavy-horsepower accouterments beneath the hood.

After that comes the exceptional archetypal series, Galaxy R area R stands for ‘Royal’ or ‘Refined’. The Galaxy R alternation accessories will amalgamate power, architecture and abundance but will not accept all the appearance that the flagship archetypal has.

In the college articulation avalanche the Galaxy W alternation in which W stands for ‘Wonder’. The smartphone will … Read More

Google+ May Open Social Networking for Some K-12 Schools

August 24, 2011 |

K-12 districts accept had to footstep cautiously in the amusing media universe, abundantly because of the charge to aegis the claimed advice of their students. In a apple area aloofness is frequently advised an aged concept, acceptance are vulnerable, and that open-to-everyone networking archetypal has led some districts to block apprentice admission to the brand of Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter.

But acknowledgment to appearance that accord users ascendancy over how their advice is shared, Google’s fresh amusing networking service, Google+, may affect alike the best privacy-conscious districts to accessible their basic doors.

Google+ has accumulated added than 25 actor users back it was launched at the end of June–an absorbing acceptance amount back you accede that it was appear as an invitation-only beta project. The fresh amusing arrangement generated actual and acute interest, and the Web was, and still is, abounding with blogs and tweets about how to defended one of the 150 invitations accustomed … Read More

Hosting Companies Repackaging Themselves as Cloud Services Providers

August 24, 2011 |

The cloud is a hot concept with a great deal of promise. It is attracting substantial amounts of funding and attention, inspiring innovation and entrepreneurial activity.

For companies that already have a hosting infrastructure, it might seem to offer some potentially low hanging opportunities.

Once they have decided to capitalize on the cloud, these companies inevitably find themselves asking how to best do so. Their questions center around two main issues:

‘What Cloud Services should they offer?’ and ‘How should they market them?’

Generally speaking, the objective is for companies to leverage their existing infrastructure, expertise and customer base. Therefor it is best to offer services that can be supported by that infrastructure, by those experts and would be appealing to that audience.

The reality is that this turns out to be a tall order. Existing infrastructure is rarely if ever entirely suited to cloud scale storage and compute demands. Incumbent IT staff often assume … Read More

Samsung May Be Gearing Up to Purchase HP’s PC Division

August 24, 2011 |

If cabal letters are true, again Samsung Electronics may be gearing up to acquirement HP’s Personal Systems Group if the action is brought to the table.

According to “upstream vendors” in the PC basic industry, the Korea-based aggregation arrive Taiwan-based anthology makers (and top HP anthology contractors) Quanta Computer, Compal Electronics and Pegatron Technology to its address in South Korea beforehand this ages “with a rather alert attitude.” Sources accept this affair was an adumbration that Samsung ability be advancing to aggrandize its business with the accretion of HP’s Personal System Group.

If Samsung does absolutely acquirement HP’s PC division, again it would outsource a baby aggregate of orders to these specific players. Right now Samsung pumps out about 10 actor laptops annually via its accomplishment plants in China, but that could access to 50 to 60 actor if the acquirement of HP’s PC analysis becomes official.

“The sources acicular that the Taiwan’s anthology … Read More

Top Online Schools—Serving your Educational Needs

August 23, 2011 |

If you think the internet is limited to chat, email and Facebook, then you have no idea about the benefits you have been missing out. Not only is internet a home to millions of websites, but also a platform for quality education. What’s best about online education is that you get to choose from top-notch schools and earn a degree; their degrees are recognized worldwide Study material and lectures are provided online, for which, you can pay fees in installments; thus, you don’t have to travel all the way to the institute.

Other Benefits:

* No time constraints. You choose when you want to study. All you need is an internet connection and determination. * You have access to your student database and forums, where you can meet with fellow mates and discuss issues. * Exams are conducted online. * Flexibility with fees payment. If you can’t pay all at once, many schools will … Read More

Tips and Reviews to Find Best Web Hosting Services

August 19, 2011 |

A web hosting business offers storage space, bandwidth, tools and other related services essential to make a website visible on the internet. With thousands of such companies, existing all across the globe today, it is difficult to decide on, which one offers the best web hosting services. Ranging from local providers to international organizations-most of which are now supporting multiple web hosting services, the best website hosting provider is the one that offers most reliable services at an affordable price according to individual and business needs.

Following are the key factors you should look out for in the best web hosting services: location, hardware, reliability, scalability, Monitoring, Support hours, response time, and policies also take into consideration the fine print.

Above and beyond the service, take note of the hosting plans, such as the operating system offered in different packages, along with the disk space, bandwidth, databases, IP addresses, Control Panel and most of all, … Read More

5 Tips to Select the Best Colocation Service Provider

August 19, 2011 |

With innovations being made in technology every day, it is necessary for online businesses to have their website operational 365/24/7, so that customers never find any issue in assessing the information and making online purchases. When talking about 100% uptime and convenience to access and control your own server, you need excellent colocation services. An excellent colocation facility offers its customers physical security, power, cooling, internal connections and external connections. However, with loads of different companies offering these services in a variety of different packages and varying costs, it is difficult to make a decision, which one is the best colocation service. If you are seeking advice on choosing the best colocation provider, which would offer your company with both, proficient and inexpensive services, then consider the following aspects:

  • Select a high-quality internet network: The best colocation service, any organization can choose to purchase, would be one offering universal Tier 1 International, with … Read More

Camera Apps for Android

August 17, 2011 |

Android is the best selling active platform for mobile devices. It has key applications, middleware and an OS. Its mobile OS is actually based from the Linux kernel. Its apps (applications), which cater to the functionality of the devices, have ranged to over 250,000. All these can be downloaded through third-party sites such as Android Market, Android Zoom, Freeware Lovers, Coupon Croc and Android Freeware. One of the most heavily downloaded types of app according to recent studies are camera apps for Android phones.

The popularity of camera apps may come from the fact that people are drawn to accessible as well as affordable apps and to self-produced digital content which is then usually uploaded to major social networking sites like Facebook.

With these additions to the digital world, the ability to capture significant moments has become easier and more budget-friendly. To top it all, mobile phones these days even feature VGA-resolution cameras … Read More

PSP E-1000: Budget PlayStation Portable Announced

August 17, 2011 |

Sony has announced that a new, low-cost PlayStation Portable model will launch in Europe later this year.

The new PSP E-1000 will not have Wi-Fi, but will only cost €99 – which equates to about £86, although Sony is yet to confirm a UK price. Read More