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Technologies Review | October 18, 2019

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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Analytics App. Your tracking Website Solution

December 27, 2010 |

For every web designer and developer it is mandatory to be able to track the client’s websites and even your own. There is an App that is specifically created to handle this. This App is popularly known as the Analytics App. It works perfectly with both the iphone and ipad and is readily available and works hand in had with Google Analytics.

When you compare the interface on the Analytics App with that of the iPhone and the iPad you will find out that the iPad has a larger resolution which allows it to have a much larger interface. The interface of the Analytics App is just alright, if one was to rate it though it has got more room for improvement. It needs to feel more with the times. The Analytics App can be rated as somewhere close to an iPhone.  Generally this is an App that requires much more improvement.

The interface on … Read More

A Consumer Review of Dice Diving for iPhone

December 26, 2010 |

Dice Diving sounds a bit strange, and it’s certainly out of the ordinary. It’s not a game played in the water, it’s an unusual mixture of dice games created by Larry Snyder. It’s based on a very different premise, and a unique scoring system. A large part of it involves luck, and strategy makes up the rest. Dice Diver is sure to inspire you to become a champion dice roller.

Dice Diving makes use of some of the elements of scoring for competition diving, and combines them with a basic prerequisite set for each level. For example, you might be required to roll a run of 5, a set of 4s, and have a total score of more than 24. You have a specific number of rolls and five dice, and you constantly attempt to transfer good scores to even better ones. At first look it might seem a bit complex for a dicing game, … Read More

A User Review of Smart Measure 1.0.7 for Android

December 26, 2010 |

Smart Measure is intended to help you get approximate measurements of the height and distance of an object. It triangulates measurements using your phone’s accelerometer and camera. It makes use of some standard geometric equations to come up with rough measurements of height and distance for whatever object you’re aiming at. The concept is very creative and innovative, and the creators certainly deserve much credit for that. It’s unfortuante that, even for an app intended to give only approximate measurements, the results tend to be pretty wildly inaccurate.

The first thing you need to do is to calibrate both your phone and the program, You can use the application settings of your phones’ accelerometer to to calibrate it, if you haven’t done so already. To properly calibrate the program, you’ll have to give a measurement of what height from the ground you’ll be holding it when taking measurements. You’ll need to be as accurate as … Read More

About the Second MAC Display And Air Display For Your iPad

December 25, 2010 |

Your iPad is a great tool to use as a second display when your using your first on your MAC. The MAC II (which was introduced in 1987) has been capable of using multiple screens since the beginning. The Air Display Application was not as fun for me to hear about. It has a connection to WiFi so there was a little doubt in my mind about the application. It actually ran wonderfully when I went to first give it a try on my personal computer. I then decided to put the MAC version on my computer, so I started downloading it right away. Right away, after I re-started the iPad and watched the system convert it to a second display via my Macbook Pro. I was instantly hooked. I was actually able to pull pieces of my Photo shop application as well as pull the Safari web browser buttons on to the application as … Read More

My iPhone Favorites Are Now My Current Favorites

December 13, 2010 |

Double tapping the Home button has been replaced with having to double tap the Home button to activate multi-tasking which are new features of the iOS 4. Previously, before this change was made and when the iOS3 was out you could use the double clicking the Home button to be customized to what you wanted attached to it. I used the Phone Favorites for mine. I know other people that used ones like iPod, Search or even the Camera page. But now with iOS 4 as your new addition, you won’t really have any say in the matter. It will bring up the Muti-tasking page whether you like it or not.  So your probably asking yourself since it IS a phone….. how can you access your Phone Favorites since you can’t do it from the Home button. First, you would launch the Phone application and then you would have to click on Favorites.  Even though … Read More

DataMan Could Save You Money

December 13, 2010 |

While many long term iPhone users in America inherited some form of Unlimited Data Plan from AT&T, new subscribers cannot access them.  Individuals now have to decide between a 200MB per month $15 package and the slightly more expensive one of 2GB for $25 per month.  Should you be subject to a data plan that is limited you will need to always be aware of your usage and how close to your limits you are.

There are a number of ways to check your data usage on AT&T.  You can dial *3282# directly from your handset and you will receive a text message informing you of where your data usage for the month is at.  The company also makes an App available that gives you extra real time info on your data usage.  Although these 2 methods do work, you are constantly required to check the information manually: DataMan is a new application that not … Read More

Rembrandt Sues Hard Drive Giants Over Patent Violations.

December 11, 2010 |

Rembrandt IP Management is a company that focuses on managing and achieving fair value for patents that have been infringed. It claims to have two endearing patents that change the face of the entire hard drive industry in the United States. Today, Rembrandt has launched a suit in federal court against Western Digital and Seagate, accusing them of violating a couple of patents that Rembrandt had bought from an inventor named Uri Cohen.

Seagate and the Western Digital are manufacturers of a multitude of renowned hard drives and related products; they are also the leading giants in this field. However, Dr. Paul Schneck, chairman of Rembrandts claims that the patents violation covers the bulk of their retail products. The complaint lists Seagate’s Black Armor, Barracuda, Savvio, Momentus, Expansion, SV35, DB35, Constellation, Free Agent, Replica, Pipeline, and Cheetah disk drives as products breaching the patents. While Western Digital’s well received My Book line, My Passport, Elements, … Read More

Review For the Ringtone Designer Pro

December 8, 2010 |

It’s pretty obvious to most that if you want to put a ringtone on your iPhone, all you have to do is access iTunes to do it. So what if you want to do it right then and there with only your iPhone handy? That is where the Ringtone Designer Pro comes in. The hard part is getting your homemade music actually put on the iPhone itself. Apple has put a bit of a block on what it will allow the application to do so it is at no fault of the developers that there is a problem in this area. It’s a case of not letting anyone put their own music on the iPhone is a straightforward way. It has to look like you basically got the ringtone from a different source. You have to swing it back and forth between computers an upload it through iTunes in order for it to work properly … Read More

Google Voice Now Available on the iPhone using GV Mobile+

December 5, 2010 |

With the recent move of publishing the App submissions by Apple, it has caused a relaxation to the guidelines that used to allow the third party compilers like Flash Professional CS5 to make the iOS Apps; apparently it looks like they have embraced the Google Voice Apps that had been done away with. The original Google Voice apps which are namely GV Connect and GV Mobile+ have been returned back to the App store and have been available to the public for the last two weeks. The approval of these Apps has been really great. If you compare both Apps they seem alike in their functions and having a chance to play with the two over a weekend would give one an idea of which one is better than the other. When using the Google Voice, one has to depend on the Web App found on the iPhone. Google Voice is offered by Google absolutely … Read More