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Technologies Review | October 18, 2019

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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Excellent Accounting Software from AccountEdge 2010

October 27, 2010 |

Although AccountEdge for Windows, retailing at $299, may not as famous as QuickBooks, $399.95, it is now and has always been a marvelous accounting program for smaller businesses, since its beginnings on the Mac in the early 1990’s, under the name MYOB.  Acclivity bought the product more than a year ago, and the 2010 edition is named AccountEdge 2010; there is also a version available for Macs.  This edition has the distinction of possessing the simplest, most contoured and user friendly interface to ever grace an accounting program for small businesses.  It further boasts a feature set and navigational tools that are sturdy enough to offer serious competition to the QuickBooks and Peachtree desktop versions.  Although it does suffer from a shortage of connectivity features, the standard online bill payment being one of them, it does show us new online marketing tools.

It has matured very gracefully in terms of appearances, especially when compared … Read More

Tips for Buying High-Definition Video Camcorders

October 27, 2010 |

We live in an age that is fast becoming digitalized on every side. The latest home video offering is the digital high definition video camcorders. In the 1960s and 70s we had video camera that were in use for television. These big, bulky objects recorded on analog tapes and needed to be carefully handled.

Consumer camcorders put in an appearance in the 1980s with the analog format continuing well into the 90s. As the camcorder developed, it became smaller and soon home video production was affordable for the average consumer.

The high definition cameras we have today are very compact and provide the best possible picture quality. The concept no doubt remains the same, to capture and focus light into the camera. As consumers grow more discerning in their choices, the demand for higher performance quality soon resulted in digital definition video camcorders to meet consumer requirements.

Now it’s time to go shopping for … Read More

The Key Features of the Panasonic GS400 Video Camera

October 22, 2010 |

The Panasonic GS400 or the Panasonic PV-GS400 as it was also known as, was released by Panasonic in 2004. This digital video camera featured 3CCD technology, 4 megapixel capabilities for still images and a Leica Dicomar lens. The camera features a smart design and the manual controls a pleasure to use.  It also offers 3 chip imagery, optical zoom and a big LCD among other features.

There’s a reason why the Panasonic GS400 is considered a highly advanced consumer camera. This has to do with the features and functions of the camera itself. It has a 12x optical zoom complete with optical stabilizer, LCD screen measuring 3.5 inches, manual control for most every function, 3 chip capture capability and more.

Despite all of the above mentioned assets, the camera is still considered a consumer camcorder – Why? The reason may lie in the fact that even though the camera features 3 chip capture, the … Read More

Windows Phone 7: First Impressions

October 18, 2010 |

Image Credit: Gizmodo

Ease of use is the strength of the new Windows Mobile OS. With a screen filled with six square icons, you can go to the next block of six icons with a simple swipe. The initial screen has a black background with green and orange icons used to make a call, and an application area that integrates well with the Xbox, Zune media player, and Office.

The obvious weakness of touchscreen smartphones is, as usual, short battery life. Microsoft claims that it can run for two days with normal use. Although, it is not clarified yet, what is considered as “normal use”?

If with Android, you need to have a Gmail account to activate the phone, in Windows Phone 7 you can do the same with Hotmail. Compared with Symbian, Android or iPhone, the application management is very different. The integration is complete, but you won’t have the feeling of being … Read More

Temporary Passwords on Facebook Could Be The Answer to Password Security Issues

October 18, 2010 |

Easy to guess passwords are a major weakness in computer security. Facebook have just launched a service that offers temporary password that last for only 20 minutes. This solution is designed for those who wish to access the Internet from a public computer, which could be already infected with keyloggers. The use of regular password on these machines can easily expose your accounts to anyone. To avoid this, the user can send an SMS to Facebook to request for a temporary, disposable password. If you have a mobile number registered in your profile, Facebook can check the authenticity of your request and send you one of these keys. The service is already active in the United States and will soon be available in other countries.

Even with this measure, your password may not be entirely secure, as there could be some predictable patterns in it, which make it more vulnerable to dictionary attack. There … Read More

Seven Great Site Development Apps

October 13, 2010 |

These are some of the apps that can make a Website efficient:


It is developed to help you manage <META> tags. It can also generate Description, Keywords and <META> tags based on your requirements. Free trial is available on its Web site.

Major features:

  • Automated site analysis
  • Integrated spell checking
  • Automated report generation
  • Automated <META> tag generation


It gathers information from the Web server log files, including daily traffic, traffic sources and common keywords used by visitors in search engines. Data can be shown in graphic or table formats. FastStats is also useful to track down dead links and to monitor server performance.  FastStats is free for 30-day trial period.

Major features:

  • Elaborate reports to help Webmasters in analyzing the cost efficiency of their online advertising
  • A graphical hyperlink tree to show how visitors navigate the Web site
  • Site stickiness reports


Read More

Nine Likely Ways You May Inadvertently Ruin Your Commercial Website

October 9, 2010 |

If you’ve visited hundreds or even thousands of business sites in the past ten years, you may notice many things that don’t necessarily bad for the visitors, but can be quite harmful for the sites themselves.

These are nine things that can ruin your business site easily.

9) Misspelling Your Domain

Today, it becomes harder and harder to get short and catchy name for your commercial domain. As the result many people must contend with longer domain names and it may mean that they’ll make mistakes in showing their site’s URL in the brochures, emails and promotional letters.

It is possible to use dashes to allow you use shorter domain, but make sure the printing company include them in your printed materials. You may also make spelling mistake when using a regional domain, for example if you have, it is easy to tell people that your site is

8) Forgetting the Expiration … Read More

The HP TouchSmart 600 All-In-One PC – A Review

October 9, 2010 |

The HP TouchSmart 600 is a good example of the benefits of taking an early chance on technology that hasn’t yet been proven. Now that Windows 7 has inspired most vendors of major desktops toward multitouch, years of feedback in the real market gives HP a major advantage in refining its TouchSmart 600. While the result isn’t perfect, so far it’s the best all-in-one implementation of touch input. Even without touch capability, the TouchSmart 600 matches Sony devices in standalone home entertainment by incorporating all the great features of Sony’s Vaio LV line. Maybe not everyone will go for this 23.5-inch all-in-one at $1,599, but those who do will enjoy a feature-rich, innovative all-in-one.

Externally, there doesn’t seem to be much difference from the TouchSmart IQ816, HP’s previous all-in-one. The exterior of glossy black plastic is the same. It may not match up to the iMac’s trendy design, but it’s at least as attractive … Read More

Is Cloud Hosting Living Up to the Hype?

October 6, 2010 |

Image Credit

Cloud hosting is rolling out in full force right now, with most major hosting providers having already either switched completely to the new technology, or at least started offering packages that work on the cloud. A lot of new businesses and startups have opted to launch their work using the latest and greatest offer from the hosting world, and a lot of people are watching them with interest, wondering if they’ll be successful.

Everyone is talking about the current and future possibilities of this new technology, with most people agreeing that this one is in fact the major player of the future, unlike Virtual Private Servers and shared hosting before it. But is the cloud really living up to the hype?

Well, despite a few problems, which are usual business for any new technologies, especially in the software world, cloud servers have indeed delivered everything they promised they would.

The biggest two … Read More

HP Named The Former SAP Executive As Their CEO

October 1, 2010 |

Léo Apotheker was selected as the president and chief executive officer by the Hewlett-Packard’s board of directors. This is the third time that HP chooses an external candidate as the CEO over a decade. The present CEO of HP Mark Hurd was compelled to resign as he got involved in sexual-harassment and expense-reporting scandal on August 6. Apotheker will take over from Mark Hurd on November 1.

Apotheker who is 57 year old, was CEO of the German software giant SAP from 2008 to 2010. He worked in SAP for almost 19 years and resigned in February in the midst of chaos over poor earnings. He’ll also be a part of HP’s board of directors. Apotheker’s appointment as the CEO has raised mixed reactions. The corporate customers will be happy as Apotheker is well-known among those executive circles. Apart from that SAP works closely with HP’s enterprise hardware, software and consulting … Read More