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Technologies Review | October 18, 2019

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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Top 10 Adobe Air Applications

February 24, 2010 |

AIR (which stands for Adobe Integrated Runtime) has been getting a lot of attention since it was announced and has currently over 30 million users and thousands of developers working with it.

It is basically a mix of a browser with Adobe’s Flash and Flex technologies, which allows users to have a much tighter and advanced connection of their online stuff (servers, video and social services, etc) with their personal computer. For example, you could create an AIR application that would allow you to download, upload and browse videos on a mix of popular video services, all from one beautiful control panel.

Or, as an example, let’s take Piwik, a self-hosted alternative to Google Analytics, the best and pretty much the only such tool on the market – it has a good dashboard with all the information you would need, but the representation is not as beautiful as Google’s. There are no maps, nice … Read More

Why We Don’t Need to Wait for Windows 7 SP1?

February 19, 2010 |

Historically, adopting the earliest version of any major Microsoft operating system release has been, well, a poor decision. Occasionally, as with Windows NT, we had to wait for a few iterations – until NT4 SP3 – before we can get a fully working OS. And, with the previous Windows Vista fiasco in mind, nobody could blame you for still using Windows XP. But, more than 6 months after the release of Windows 7, it’s become quite clear that there is no reason to postpone until the release of Windows 7 SP1.

A typical reason for holding off on a migration until SP1 is the concern that the new OS will break slowly. That’s not the case with Windows 7.

Many users have been beating the heck out Windows 7 on a variety of configurations and to coin a common phrase, “It just works.” People have tried most mainstream business applications such as Microsoft Office, … Read More

WordPress Forum Theme Released!!!

February 18, 2010 |

Want to run a forum with the Worlds best CMS Solution aka WordPress? Then here’s an Excellent News for all of them who have been waiting for a decent solution. After Searching the internet for days with no perfect solution(Plugins are many..Wp-Forum/Forum server etc., but all had one or the other major drawbacks when compared) to run a Forum with WP CMS, recently I noticed a brief classified abt Gforums & was delighted at first sight. It is a normal wordpress theme like any other out there, but with a totally different purpose. Normal WordPress themes help you to run a website for a magazine, ecommerce store or just a simple blog, however Gforums was built to turn your wordpress site into a forum. Technically speaking, with the Gforums theme your Blog categories will become Forum categories, Blog Sub-Categories will become Forum Sub-Categories and so get the idea!

So, I wanted to test … Read More

How does Google Buzz compare to Twitter?

February 12, 2010 |

There have been a multitude of social media services that have gathered a lot of steam, but then did a nose dive off of a cliff several years later. In it’s prime, no one thought that myspace would ever be looked at something that was not cool. At least in the near term. But just like Myspace did to Friendster, Facebook did to it. Now it looks like Twitter is trying to claim the crown from Facebook. Twitter has been the hot social site that has been getting all of the media attention lately. Now with the newly release Google Buzz in the mix, will Twitter now have to worry about Google being it’s competition?

Before we go any further, we will explain to people who may not know, what exactly both services do. Twitter is similar to a public instant messenger. Instead of you just talking to one friend or maybe even several … Read More