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Technologies Review | August 25, 2019

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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Palm Pre Plus to be released on Verizon

December 20, 2009 |

A lot of rumor mongering is going on that Palm might be releasing its latest version of Pre, the Pre Plus on Verizon as a new year bonanza. As of now the speculations are rife about the kind of specs the gizmo might come loaded with. The screen is tad bigger than the existing one, with a lot of other exalted specs to make their way, thanks to its now new OS the webOS.

Rumors galore that most the OS might come loaded with many of Google’s apps with cross-platform integration with many other premium software.

What’s more is that they might announce yet another smartphone that runs on its new webOS, the Palm Pixi. Palm Pixi ‘d be the first smartphone to include Wi-Fi technology for Palm.

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The Copenhagen saga

December 19, 2009 |

Editorials, Articles, Blogs, Discussions and what not have dealt with this insidiously ill-directioned summit right from the time it was announced and from the time the Bali round of talks closed. There were few of the ever green environmental optimists who were right from the beginning poking in with their well placed sarcasm that the C-summit ‘d just end up with the nations agreeing to schedule another round of talks after ‘n’ years, where n might even well be the point of no return.

Even as the developing countries are filibustering in the Bella center about the possible repercussions their respective countries might face if the caps are imposed, on par with the developed countries that were and are the major polluters of the planet. But if we just break down the question, and try to slice it over, the thing that emerges is that all this lobbying about the cap impositions and the … Read More

The Technology that was/wasn’t: 2009

December 15, 2009 |

Judge the way you can but 2009 will surely be a connoisseur to most of the people. We’ve seen few really err..  moments in this year, on all fronts, be it on the technology side or on the eco side (I don’t care what ‘d you suffix to that).

Here on Technologies Review we’ll take a look at all the technologies that tried to redefine the way we look at our surrounding world and of those technologies that tried to reshape the world and also of them that we ‘d in any way love to do away with.

We entered the year with deep apprehensions of what the world had in store for us, on various quarters. With the economy still in shambles, everyone was quite trepid, counting on the tech companies to lead us out of the crisis, that was soon ballooning in to much bigger than those of 30’s, late 70’s … Read More

Motorola Motus

December 11, 2009 |

So, after a disastrous and catastrophic years of finding itself in mirth, guess Motorola is up to some good with the (possible) announcement of its Android powered device named Motus. Slated to release some time around Apr/May next year, Motus might well lay claim to revive the mobile giants fading product line.

And then comes the real screamer from them, that they are releasing the device on AT&T’s, a network that was recently ranked least on the customer satisfaction survey even as its own CEO admitted for the pathetic services it provides. We have a thing to say to Moto: God Save You!

Things aside its the specs that we need to look at though not mind boggling as its peers from Samsung the Motus comes with 5MP camera, with a backflip keyboard.

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3-D renderings of Mandelbrot set

December 10, 2009 |

A group of mathematicians have  achieved 3-D renderings of the famous 2D fractals of Mandelbrot set. Fractal is defined to be a type of shape that yields detail to the minutest level irrespective of the zoom scale.

From a Mathematical point of view, Mandelbrot set is defined to be set of complex values for which the complex quadratic polynomial zn+1 = zn2 + c remains bounded.

If you are a Math Geek this should surely garner your attention, the 3D simulations of the erstwhile 2D Mandelbrot set are as stunning as the rendering of the artist depiction of the constellations and galaxies. The images are of the finest grain and are termed as Mandelbulbs by the simulators.

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Google launches Public DNS to Pep your Web

December 8, 2009 |

The Big Brother is at it again, this time its a gargantuan task though with it willingly trying to direct the worlds’ internet traffic in to its datacenters to give a faster web experience.  Christened Public DNS, Google provides you with alternative IP addresses to direct your DNS settings to them, with an added caution that the default ISP provided settings are to be saved.

This though is still under trial run and is open to the general public with a word of caution thrown in for ISPs.  As analysts try to decode the (ulterior) motives of this offer from Google, OpenDNS founder David Ulevitch welcomes this step as a positive step to speed up the web experience.

Public DNS might even utilize Google ads to place relevant ads on the redirected pages that can act as a cashcow for Google. Monetizing aside the key objective Google is embarking to achieve is in Prem … Read More

Google Chrome ogles Mac

December 7, 2009 |

After nearly an year since the release of Chrome browser for Windows version, Google at last has brought it out for Mac. And even as many of the Google apps per se have to still got to get a green signal, we can just expect things to change some time soon.

The add-ons for Google’s Mac version of Chrome can be updated anytime and then it ‘d be on par with its Windows cousin. The generic import settings as soon as the browser is installed can be found but few of the other things were missing as found by the early installers. The browser only works with Mac OS X 10.5 or later versions.

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